Let's dive deeper into OUR METHOD

Our holistic approach to the architectural process sets Method Architecture Studio apart from other firms.  We cater our services to our clients needs and their projects scope, our mission is to educate our clients on the design process in a clear and succinct manner.  We feel strongly that with trust and transparency this process allows us to develop great designs that exceed our clients expectations. Every project starts with a consultation where we discuss the intended scope, the specific project design process and our companies fee structures. After this meeting we will generate a design agreement proposal describing the projects scope and fees.

If you feel that Method Architecture Studio is right for your project we will move into the phases of the design process (see below). Note, that some design processes will differ depending on size and scope of the intended project. Let’s schedule a chat.

Let's get acquainted with your dreams PREDESIGN

The Site Introduction + Information Gathering – We will review the proposed scope of the project, including the homeowners goals and requirements. Walk the site and discuss specific advantages and disadvantages (ie. view, sun angles, vegetation, topography, wind, etc.) We will initially develop the projects design program and discuss the clients desired design aesthetic (pictures, books, magazines or websites). Lastly, a discussion of the projects intended budget and construction schedule will be evaluated.

Ideas start to take dimension SCHEMATIC DESIGN

Initial design presentations to the clients, where the agenda will be to look at the buildings exterior massing, floor plans and design inspiration boards. The big picture of the project is explored at this time and drawings are shown in diagrammatic graphic representation. The goal is to make sure all parties are on the same page with the design and begin to create an overall design strategy.

Diving into the details DESIGN DEVELOPMENT

More detailed design phase where client comments from schematic design will have been incorporated and a more detailed model will have been developed. We will be reviewing floor plan layouts, building elevations, building sections and essential interior views. Basic construction assembly methods will be addressed as well as discussions regarding outside consultants, like a structural engineer or interior designer. We will also begin to address the bid specification document that includes materials, fixtures/appliances, assembly details, etc.

Bringing in the builders BID DOCUMENTS

With the design and scope of the project well developed, it is now time to choose a builder. This part of the process starts with the architect creating a bid set of documents (further detailed project drawings and specifications). The drawings are used for the various builders to create estimates from. These estimates will allow us to choose the right builder for the project that fits best with the team and scope of the project. This process will typically entail on site meetings with the builders.


The phase where the set of permit/construction document drawings are developed. The permit drawings are used to submit, coordinate and obtain the building permit by the chosen builder and relate to the code specific requirements. The construction documents are the drawings that show the builder how the project will be built including all the necessary floor plans, elevations, sections and details. Depending on the project scope and schedule these drawing sets are either split into two versions or coordinated as one.